Ways To Win Free FUT Coins on Buyfifacoins.Com

Ways To Win Free FUT Coins on Buyfifacoins.Com

If you have ever played the online FIFA game, you would know about the significance of the FUT coins for this hugely popular soccer game. The game has multiple players from the original FIFA game. These digital versions have real faces of real players put on them, the original jerseys are included, and the teams built using these players match the real version.

However, to get all of this you need to have FUT coins in the game. So, being able to collect the coins is one of the top questions. It is not easy to win the FUT coins. There are several different methods available for this. But these methods don’t give you free fut coins to get your favorite player. If you want free FUT coins, keep reading to know the top two ways you can do it.

What are FUT coins?

If you are new to the game and have no idea what the FUT coins are, you should understand that FUT coins are the digital currency that is used in the game to get more content. As soon as you finish one of the games on the FIFA version online, a certain number of FUT coins is added to your digital wallet.

However, winning FUT coins through such a method takes a lot of time and effort, and it is difficult too. But this doesn’t mean that you are stuck. There are some ways you can get extra FUT coins for free without spending any time or effort on the game.

Ways to win free FUT coins on Buyfifacoins.Com

If you want to get free FUT 2 coins and more free stuff, you can visit the site Buyfifacoins.Com. On this site, there are methods to winning free FUT 22 coins and more stuff like Xbox, PS4, etc. You can do this by following two different methods – joining the giveaway on the site or sharing the referral link.

Join The Giveaway to Win Free FUT Coins

One way to get free FUT coins is by joining the giveaway going on at the Buyfifacoins.Com site. During the summer giveaway of these digital coins, four different winners will be picked randomly. All the four winners will get a different number of FUT 2 coins.

The first winner will get 750K FUT coins, the second one will get 650K FUT coins, the third giveaway winner will get 500K FIFA coins, and finally, the fourth winner will get 400K FUT coins.

The site holds several giveaways for different prizes. The one with FIFA coins is currently going on. You can easily join it on their site and get in your chances of winning the digital currency for the online FIFA game.

Get Free Coins by Sharing the Referral Link with Your Friends

This is another easy method to get up to 30k free FUT coins. All you have to do is go to the site and sign up there. After creating your account, you will get your own referral link. Share this referral link for the site with three friends.

Your three friends need to buy 100K FUT coins. For one friend’s purchase, you will get 10K coins. This way you can make up to 30K coins when all three friends buy 100KFUT coins each.


You can win or buy the FUT coins in the FIFA game but this takes time, effort, and money. If you want to take a shortcut and win free FUT coins, you can visit the site Buyfifacoins.Com. On this site, you can get FUT coins for free by joining the giveaway or by sharing the referral link with friends. Enjoy the free coins to get your favorite team players.