Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying Android Unblock TV Box

Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying Android Unblock TV Box

The entertainment industry has changed since the choice of watching movies and listening to music of your own choice has become easier. No wonder, the android TV boxes have innovated the way we used to watch and listen to music back in the 2000s. Through Unblock TV Box, you can browse almost anything on the internet such as sending emails, surfing social media, shopping online and watching the news.

There are multiple aspects that one should keep in mind before buying any android TV box. A few things that you can consider are mentioned below. We hope that it will help you decide on the best android tv box for your day-to-day usage.

1. Storage Option

The operating system is everything that runs the best unblock tech ubox. That’s why the storage must be your number one concern here because most of the TV boxes out there come up with only 8GB of storage which is hardly sufficient for the operating system to run smoothly.

So what should be the ideal storage option here? Well, you can ask the vendor to show you the options that have at least 32GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. You should also make sure that the android TV box you are purchasing supports external storage that should not be less than 64 GB.

2. Processor Type

Some important features that you may need to look at are processing power and RAM. Who doesn’t want a smooth experience without any lagging? Of course, everyone wants this.

So, try to go for a TV box that is equipped with a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU which is the minimum. Anything higher than should be your go-to choice. The best are the ones that have an octa-core processor undoubtedly.

3. Available USB Ports

Today, every external connection requires USB ports. You have to look at an Android box with at least 2 USB ports available. You will be using them for the Bluetooth receiver as well as peripherals. USB 2.0 should be supported by ports because they are good for a high-speed experience. Unblock TV box comes up with 2 ports supporting USB 2.0

4. Operating System Version

The Android version should not be less than 5.0 when you choose an Android TV box. Anything older than 5.0 would not have future updates, remember this. Unblock TV box comes with an android version of 10.0 which is better because you don’t want to ruin your life by choosing a TV box with an older version of the operating system.

5. Bluetooth Support

Unblock TV box does support Bluetooth connectivity but there are many android TV boxes that do not support Bluetooth. You must look for this feature when buying one because you will definitely not want to go through any pain while transferring files from your phone to the TV box.

6. Product Reviews

Products reviews are the best social proofs you can look at when purchasing an Android TV box. You should spend some time doing this because you really don’t want to buy the wrong product, do you? So, the experience of their current buyers would help you a lot in deciding whether to buy the product or not.