How To Replace Your Old Lenovo Battery With A New One

How To Replace Your Old Lenovo Battery With A New One

Lenovo is three-decade-old laptop manufacture with dozens of incredible laptop models on the market. The company manufactures some of the best laptops in existence. Getting a genuine Lenovo battery is easy because of the popularity of the platform. This post focuses on laptop battery replacement after getting a genuine Lenovo battery.

A guide for replacing your laptop battery

The following is a great guide for how to replace your old Lenovo battery with a new one;

1. Acquire the details for the laptop battery

The first thing you must do is acquire the details you need for purchasing the laptop battery. You can do this by checking the details of the old laptop battery. These details include the type of battery material, the power rating, and most importantly, the product number. You can find the power rating, material, and capacity details by searching the internet. The best thing would be to visit the manufacturer’s website to check the product details. On the other hand, when it comes to checking the product number, you can either reach out to the manufacturer or check the numbers written at the back of the laptop. Sometimes, the number is usually written on the old laptop battery.

2. Use the details to search for and purchase the new laptop battery

Once you have acquired the information above, you can search for the new Lenovo laptop battery. This information will help ensure that you get a genuine and compatible product for your machine. The best place to buy a replacement battery for your laptop is from the manufacturer, in this case, Lenovo. However, this may be hectic as you would have to look for their store or check online if they offer delivery services.

Therefore, most people opt for third-party laptop accessory dealers. These dealers are found both online and offline. When choosing the best place to purchase the battery, one of the first things you must consider is its reputation. You do not want to fall victim to scammers or get low-quality products.

Additionally, before you purchase the new battery, you must test its condition to ensure that it is worth the price and will not stop working after a short time. You can test the condition of your Lenovo laptop battery using the free Windows battery checker. All you have to do is run the test by clicking the lower-left corner of your screen and typing the words battery report on the Command Prompt. From here, a battery report will be created. Ensure to study the report carefully and ensure the condition of the battery is impeccable.

3. Replace the old battery with the new one

Once you have ensured that you have the perfect battery, the next step is to replace the old one with the new one. You will need to unplug your laptop and take out the old battery. The way you take out the battery will depend on the type of machine model you own. Once you have replaced it with the new one, you must let it charge fully before you start using the laptop.


When replacing the old laptop battery with the new one, you must be careful not to damage any mechanical components. If you do not trust yourself to accomplish the task efficiently, you can seek professional assistance. Ensure to dispose of the old battery properly.