4 ideas of where to put the light strips

4 ideas of where to put the light strips

Strip lights are so versatile and flexible, they can be installed anywhere, so there are no limits, just your creativity and imagination. When it comes to decorating and illuminating spaces, they are an excellent resource that brings life to any area of the house and the Govee store has many options for you to consider.

The benefits of LED lighting are many and their incorporation into strip lighting has given people many options for installing them. From a functional standpoint, you can improve the illumination of spaces where a light bulb can't reach.

From the decorative point of view, the possibilities are almost endless; so it all depends on the space you have and your purpose, whether to decorate your home, your room and even your office.

The truth is that there is no single way to install them, nor an ideal place. LED strip lights are so versatile and flexible that you can use them in many ways.

Here are some ideas that can be very useful.

Use them in the living room

Many people tend to have moldings on the ceiling or under furniture, so using strip lights in those spaces is an excellent idea. Besides the fact that you will be able to see the light from anywhere in the room, the extensions or the strip will not be seen, giving a much more elegant look.

When using strip lights in the living room, you can dim the conventional lights from the lamps or bulbs and leave the strips on, creating a super cool ambiance for you and your guests.

Perfect for the bedroom

Some people build certain details in the bedroom, such as plaster details on the bed. If you are one of those who don't like to sleep in total darkness, you can install the strip lights in just those spaces and turn off the lamps.

This will provide a dim light that you can even dim yourself so that the room is not completely dark and you can have some light that won't disturb or interrupt your sleep.

Illuminate your paintings and mirrors

If you are an art lover, you probably have a collection of paintings somewhere in your home or office. If that's the case, strip lights fit perfectly into the frames, so you can turn off the rest of the lights and your paintings will still stand out.

You can do the same with mirrors, take advantage of the strip lights to place around them and make them come to life.

Ideal for stairs and hallways

If your home has two floors, with strip lights you can give a very special touch to the stairs. You can use them for the handrail or even mold them all over the steps.

Besides the fact that visually they will look great, it is a good way to see the steps better and illuminate them to go up or down the stairs more safely.

Hallways can also change radically if you use the light strips at the foot of the wall, in addition to illuminating the space differently, it also makes you able to guide you through them.